“A group of hyper-intelligent teenagers called vitros suddenly find themselves hunted by a society that has marginalized them. Branded a terrorist group, they must work together to clear their name(s). I was hooked by the fifth page.” – Fanboy Comics 

“The first volume of Pariah sets up what could be a great series if the writers do not hold back and go for gut punches instead of lightly stepping around more social issues which this volume sets up. Now it’s a waiting game to see where the story goes after dropping all the Vitros on a station in space. ” – Mass Movement UK 

“…a lot of potential and ironically enough much of the story is about untapped potential of highly intelligent teens being ostracized for, well, being smarties.” – Comic Bastards

“A good read, but the volume itself feel too brief, and that development is kind of pushed aside for the sake of hast. The art is great, plain and simple. ” – Eat Geek Play 

“…I found myself completely wrapped up in the story!…Lets just say I am now well and truly hooked on this series! I cannot wait for the next issue to find out what is going to happen next!” LittlePinkStars44 – Bellebooks

“This book is what Heroes should have been.  Introduce one character per installment, with hints of a larger story.  Then when everything (eventually) comes together each character’s background, motivation and development is understood by the reader.  I could care less if they save the cheerleader, but I want to know every thought Robert Maudsley has.” PARIAH #3 review by Kevin – Team Hellions

“Warner’s ideas are fresh, and Gellatt’s writing definitely creates an engaging story, but Weldele’s art is what makes Pariah stand apart.” Kelly Stephenson – PLAYBACK :stl

“I can’t wait to read the next issue of Pariah. As much as this graphic novel appealed to me, my son has flipped out over it. So, you can pick up an extra copy for your kids too.” – Reading Lark

“The story is intelligently written and funny…  From the first issue I can conclusively say that I am a fan of Pariah!”  Dan Peters – She Known As Jess Blog Spot

“I LOVED THE FIRST ISSUE OF THIS SERIES!!!  I can already see it in a movie!”  K. Kelee – Delectable Goodies

Pariah doesn’t fail in its attempt to dazzle…  Let me get it out of the way and say that I found the plot interesting and very intriguing… hats off to writer Philip Gelatt and creator Aron Warner for creating such a well-told tale.”  – The Student Review

“What I like in a comic is humor, action, charismatic, yet flawed, characters, a good story, and art that makes me want to sit down and draw then cry in the corner about how much I suck at drawing.  Aron Warner’s Pariah does this and more… You won’t wanna miss it!”  Sam Rhodes, Fanboy Comics Creative Director – Fanboy Comics

“The first issue of Pariah sets up the story nicely… The artwork is nice: stark and simple, adding to the feeling of isolation… the artist has created a sympathetic tone which sits comfortably alongside the story.”  David Gilchrist – Fantasy Book Review

“Pariah is an awesome novel… It is awesome!”  Cambria – The Unlocked Diary

“I love the idea behind Pariah, and the future it envisions is an intriguing one… I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.”  CarrieK – Books And Movies

“The artwork was definitely something to get used to but wonderful… It was rough, grungy, but worked very well for the pace and premise of the story.” Mocha – A Cupcake And A Latte

“I was really drawn to the subdued colors of the rough-around-the-edges illustrations.  The pictures themselves told as much of the story as the narration and dialogue.  I could honestly see this as a great television series!  I certainly can’t wait to check out the rest of the story.”  SanityEludesMe  – Gathering Leaves

“The artist captured the teens’ facial expressions perfectly… I found myself studying each page…  I really liked the way the author portrayed the bullying and the fear of the unknown.”  OBS member Dawn – Open Book Society

“I found myself completely wrapped up in the story!  Lets just say I am now well and truly hooked on this series!  I cannot wait for the next issue to find out what is going to happen next!”  LittlePinkStars44 – Bellebooks

“[Pariah] is a story portrayed in rough lines and watercolor… with soft hues… I’ve never seen anything like it before… beautiful to look at and had me taking in every detail on the page.”  Sandy – Scribing Shadows