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Dark Horse Brings Digital Comics ‘Pariah’ And ‘Polar’ To Print As Graphic Novels [SDCC]

ca-logo-v2Dark Horse Brings Digital Comics ‘Pariah’ And ‘Polar’ To Print As Graphic Novels [SDCC]

by Andy Khouri     July 16, 2013 10:00 AM


Kicking off what’s sure to be a week of fun Comic-Con announcements from Dark Horse is news that the publisher is bringing to print two distinctly different but similarly Dark Horse-appropriate works from the Web: Pariah and Polar. The former is a science fiction suspense story conceived by veteran film producer and studio executive Aaron Warner that follows a group of teenagers possessed with extreme intelligence as they try to evade a suspicious government. The latter is a gorgeously minimalist spy/revenge piece from cartoonist Victor Santos (Filthy Rich). Both projects are to be collected in new editions that contain additional material not seen on the web — in the case of Polar, that new material includes an entire script of dialogue that wasn’t there before — 160 pages worth.

The teen heroes of Pariah gain their super-intelligence after being “cured” of a genetic disorder. Consequently they begin to question and deconstruct all of society to such a conspicuous degree that the government has to track them down.

Creator Aaron Warner’s Hollywood history is pretty auspicious. He produced the original Academy Award-winning Shrek features and served as the head of production for 20th Century Fox during the making of Titanic. Like many Hollywood-to-comics transplants, Warner originated the idea for his webcomic but leaves it to established comics talents to bring it to life. Those people are celebrated Petrograd writer Philip Gelatt and the Eisner-nominated Surrogates artist Brett Weldele, both of whom know what they’re doing. But unlike some of Hollywood’s “comic book producer” types, Warner seems very dedicated to the Pariah project.

He told ComicsAlliance via email:

Pariah is the first thing I’ve done that came directly from my heart and brain – no committees, no focus groups. It hits on the things that mean the most to me now and have since I was a kid — how do you reconcile feeling like an alien and living among non–aliens? How do our differences make us uniquely able to problem solve and innovate? I’m also a strong believer in the power of science and technology to bring about positive change. The stuff we’re dealing with in Pariah isn’t science fiction. It’s all based on inventions and discoveries that are happening every day. Phil Gellat and Brett Weldele totally get where I was coming from and have helped Pariah exceed my expectations. The story is going to some crazy places and I can’t wait to take the readers there with us!

Pariah began life as a digital comic sold online and was supported with live-action webisodes that you can see here. The tone of the book seems a good fit at Dark Horse and joins the company’s ever growing slate of titles that originated online including The Black Beetle, Ashes, Axe Cop and Sin Titulo.

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Aron Warner talks about Pariah

FIRST COMIC NEWS Interview with creator of PARIAH Aron Warner

Excerpt taken from:
By Rik Offenberger

August 17, 2012

Aron Warner

Aron Warner stated “I came up with Pariah after reading an article about in vitro genetic manipulation. We take medications every day without fully understanding how they work. It’s kind of terrifying if you think about it. In Pariah, kids grow up with incredible intelligence as a side effect of modern ‘cures.’ The problem is that they’re so smart, they question everything – even things we hold as sacred. All of our laws, morals, and even physical constraints will be torn apart and re-built. These kids are adrift in every way, equipped with mental tools we can’t even imagine. On top of all of that, they’re persecuted, feared and hated. As if being a teenager didn’t suck enough” He was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to explain more about the project to our readers.

First Comics News: Who is Brent Marks and what made him a Pariah?

Aron Warner: Brent is sort of the “everyman” of the Pariahs. He kind of ends up representing the more moderate side of the kids. He became a Pariah because a genetic disease was cured while he was still in his mom’s belly. Fixing the disease came with the side effect of making him and all the other Pariah’s really, really smart.

1st: Who is Franklin Hyde and what does he want?

Aron: Hyde is that kid you know and hate because you think he was born with every possible advantage. He’s the politician of the group – the back room deal maker. Deep down, he’s a just a messed up kid and this his way of coping.

1st:Franklin wants the other Pariah to trust him, is he trust worth?

Aron: He is – at least from his point of view he’s doing the right thing. He just doesn’t know how badly he’s being manipulated.

1st: What about his parents, are the Pariah safe around them?

Aron: The Pariah’s aren’t really safe around anyone – not even each other…

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Interview: Aron Warner discusses Shrek and his new comic book, Pariah

Aron J. Warner has been helping to entertain millions for over two decades.  As a graduate of the UCLA Film School, Warner has been a part of such classic films like Ghoulies, Highlander II, Independence Day, Alien Resurrection, and Antz.  His greatest contribution to popular culture has been as the voice for Big Bad Wolf in the Shrek franchise.  Warner is currently in the process of wrapping live production on a 3-D Cirque du Soleil Project with James Cameron, and is beginning to delve into the world of comics.

Aron Warner’s company Strange Weather Films has recently announced that they’re developing a new CG feature on Dark Horse’s popular graphic novel series, Beasts of Burden.  Warner has also developed his own comic book series called Pariah.  To be published by Sea Lion Books, Pariah takes readers to the year 2025 and follows the plight of a unique group of teenagers who have rapidly developed intelligence beyond genius levels as the side effect of an experimental in vitro genetic medicine.  When the teens are framed for a deadly virus that leaks into the atmosphere, these modern day pariah’s must band together to fight for social justice.

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PARIAH ISSUE #4 Available for Purchase

Things are heating up for the vitros in PARIAH #4. Don’t miss this issue as the characters are all brought together for the first time in the biggest plot advance to date…

Franklin Hyde was born into politics. He’s smooth, he’s suave, and he’s a Vitro which means he can outthink pretty much anyone. Franklin has a plan to unite all the Vitros and keep them safe from those who wish them harm. The problem is, how can he get all the Vitros to go along with him when they’re loathe to trust anyone? In trusting his parents, Franklin has made a critical error – one that will change the lives of all the Vitros forever. He’ll earn the undying hatred of the rest of the Vitros, but has he signed their death warrant, or given them the chance to become what they’re truly destined to be?

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Things are heating up for the vitros in PARIAH #4. Don’t miss this issue as the characters are all brought together for the first time in the biggest plot advance to date…





2011 New York Comic Con Indie Spotlight

Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

New York Comic Con is quickly becoming the closest thing to rival the mega convention San Diego Comic Con.  The one major difference between the two is that NYCC continues to focus on comic books as opposed to its west coast equivalent, offering up lots of comics, especially of the indie variety.  The Fright Channel found four standouts in the world of indie comics worthy of your attention and hard-earned ducats.

First up is new publishing house, Sea Lion Books, from the Dabel brothers, David and Pascal.  Although with barely just a year of publishing under their belt, Sea Lion has collaborated with several big names in the writing world including the likes of Anne Rice.  The one comic book in particular that deserves your attention is Pariah, created and written by Academy Award-winning producer Aron Warner and Philip Gelatt (currently of Providence, RI) with art by Brett Weldele.

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